How do I get my comedy open mic listed?

There is no cost. Your mic must be in one of the five New York City boroughs. Just send an email with your mic’s info, in this format:

Hold off submitting your mic for now. The site is currently being rebuilt to automate this process. This page will be replaced by a proper submission form.

  • Mic Name: 
  • Day of the Week: 
  • Venue: 
  • Street Address: 
  • Phone Number: 
  • Sign-Up Time: 
  • Mic Start Time: 
  • Cost: 
  • Stage Time: 
  • Sign-Up Process: 
  • For More Info: 
  • Extra notes: 

How do I update my open mic’s listing?

Send us an email with your mic’s DAY and NAME, and the changes you need to make. Bonus points if you include your mic’s URL from the site (less confusion = faster updates).

How do I report an error?

Send us an email and we’ll double-check with the mic’s emcee.

How do I know how up-to-date the open mic info is?

The small date top right on every entry is when all details were last confirmed by the mic’s emcee. We nudge emcees once a month but not everyone is responsive. For mics with older dates, check before you trek.